Thursday, June 22, 2006

UML diagram v1.0

This is the first sketchy UML diagram for my mobile game. Its a very conceptual overview, just so I can get an idea of how various entities will interact with each other. I'll start to add fields/methods over the next few days, and I might even work on a few sequence diagrams or something, if needs be.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

A New Project!

Dragonfire MobileI've been looking for a project for a while now, just something to do as a side project to work, but that relates to computers. I've finally decided on a development project in JAVA, namely: a JAVA mobile game. You know the type, the games you get on most phones nowadays. It will take months of work, and all I know at the moment is that it will be a RPG. If anyone has any ideas let me know!

For the next few months i'll be developing the basic game classes (in the object oriented sense) i.e. PC, NPC, Item, etc etc etc. I'll keep you all(?) posted as things progress.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Pigs can fly!

I never thought i'd see the day when I would actually be sick of a girl wanting to go out with me. Short of telling her "I REALLY REALLY DON'T LIKE YOU, EVEN AS A PERSON" I don't know what to do. I've tried to not reply to her texts, but the moron doesn't get the hint and keeps texting anyway. She's a friend of someone I used to go to school with, the kind of person you see in the street and feel obliged to talk to for a minute or two. She forcibly took my number out of my phone and texted me later, "my friend likes u"..."great,which friend wud that b"..."we r out 2nite if u wnt 2 meet up"..."im out neway so yeah ill txt u".

I really was out with a few friends, so thought I may as well meet them. I must confess I had beer goggles on and as a result the next morning I remembered kissing this girl, but couldn't for the life of me remember what she looked like. She had stolen my number from my ex-school friend, and has basically been harassing me ever since.

At first I was thinking how cool it was, this NEVER happens to me. Girls as a rule tend to steer clear of me. A few days after the "incident" in the club, I met up with her during the day in town, for a casual drink (I didn't want it to be an official date incase I needed to make a quick exit). Well, I was underwhelmed to say the least when she turned up, she isn't a looker. But hey, if she's a nice person we can see where it goes.

........MY GOD what a boring sod she is. She isn't what I would call articulate, and we sat there in a mostly awkward silence for about an hour; I made my excuses and left. "Not so bad" I thought, she hated that as much as I did, so no need to let her down or to ever contact her again. This is where her having my number turned into a bad thing...

"hi lee u fancy comin out 2nite?"


"hi lee so u out 2nite then?"


"hi lee if ur out txt me and we can meet up"


"just gettin ready now, so u out then?"

(my first response) "im busy sorry"

"oh ok u fancy goin out 2moro nite?"

ARGH! lather rinse repeat. I get this every couple of days, and it's really getting on my nerves.

Any suggestions?